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The Neighbourhood

Second Spaces is happy to be a monthly participant in The Neighbourhood!

Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours.

Rounds will be on every Saturday at midnight and will end at 11:59PM.

Jan 6



Second Spaces is happy to be a monthly participant in Collabor88 - a themed monthly event that features some of the best designers on the grid!   

Collabor88 website:  http://collabor88.com/

Collabor88 in-world [SLurl


Nov 26

Cirque de Seraphim

Second Spaces is excited to be part of Cirque de Seraphim!

As part of Cirque de Seraphim, designers will contribute 50% of the sales from a minimum of one exclusively created item to ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The charity for this event was chosen based upon feedback received from Seraphim readers between June 26 and June 30, 2014.

Cirque de Seraphim website: http://cirquedeseraphim.wordpress.com/