• 4 different sets available
  • powerstrip set: 125L - 3 prim LI for each corded strip, 1 prim LI for the empty strip
  • monitor and cable set: 100L - 1 prim LI for each
  • controllers and cartridges set: 125L - 1 prim LI for each grouping
  • penholder, loose keys set: 75L - 1 prim LI
  • available exclusively at Geeks 'n' Nerds fair until Dec 8 2013; available in-world [SLurl] or on Marketplace [link] after Dec 8 2013
geeky office accessories_powerstrips_vendor.jpg
geeky office accessories_busted monitor loose cables_vendor.jpg
geeky office accessories_controllers cartridges_vendor.jpg
geeky office accessories_penholder loose keys_vendor.jpg
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