• available exclusively at Collabor88 from Feb 8 - Mar 7 2014 [SLurl]
  • tables are available individually or in fatpack
  • tables: 2 prim LI per table
  • shelf units: 1 prim LI per item
  • wall art, vases: 1 prim LI per set
  • tables are 88L individually, or 188L for the fat pack
  • shelf sets are 88L each
  • accessories pack is 88L
  • prices listed above are for the duration of Collabor88 on
  • available in-world [SLurl] or on Marketplace [link] (after Mar 7)
supernova console table_fatpack_vendor.jpg
supernova shelves_brights_vendor.jpg
supernova shelves_darks_vendor.jpg
supernova accessories_vendor.jpg
Authorelle kirshner
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