Ok - I suck at blogging. No sense in mincing words -- I suck. Eh. Having said that -- I'm gonna post something today. :) I completed my first official decorating job about 2 months ago -- and did a pretty friggin' awesome job, if you ask me. (Ask me!) My neighbor, Yamtx Wijaya, gave me the great opportunity to decorate the first floor of his self-built lighthouse, and also to landscape the yard. He wanted a nautical theme, and that's what we did - I think we came out with a definite masculine feel, without going completely Barnacle Bill. I don't have any 'before' pics, since I started with just a large empty room. Here's the 'after':

This first shot is from the corner by the front door; you can sort of see the entire layout from here.
Here's a shot of the living area alone, and a closeup of the curio cabinet in the corner.

I also created a second sitting area by the bar, and partitioned it off from the main entrance with a large display of plants:

More to come soon on this job -- including designer names and SLurls...since I never think to capture those while I'm in-game and it only occurs to me at this point when I need them for insertion. Dammit.

Heh heh...I said 'insertion'.

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