The Loft3, owned by Colleen Desmoulins, is Second Life's answer to Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and a little bit of West Elm thrown in for good measure. The quality and detail are amazing, and more than make up for the high prim counts. The newest - and I believe soon to be the only - location opened recently, as I was informed by a very large sign at their previous location. The new place is quite expansive, and not filled up yet, but there's plenty to browse and enjoy. I especially like furniture stores who display their wares in vignettes, like Colleen has done; it's a great way to subtly work in the accessories and accents and inspire customers to go in for those extra niceties.

A few of my favorites:

The Plantation Bedroom - the bed comes complete with a cuddle menu, with about 8 cuddle options. Strictly PG, and just a nice touch to a beautiful bed. The texturing of the bedding is fantastic - you just want to touch it - and the wood grain and color of the dresser and tables are a perfect complement.



Avery - I have adored this set since the first time I wandered in to the previous Loft store. I am on a quest for a design job that needs this set. I tried to get Yam to use it, but it just didn't fit that nautical theme. :) The slipper chairs with the little bolster pillows actually make my heart skip a beat.


Braedski - This set has buried into my subconscious. That means the chances of me purchasing it in the near future are about 99%. I'm considering getting it for my cottage -- the set isn't really cottage-y in feel, but could be a nice offset to the expanse of white walls and floors in the least, that's what I'm telling myself. :) Again, the detailing and texturing make me long to be able to feel the wood and upholstery -- and this looks like something I have probably bookmarked in 100 Crate & Barrel catalogs.



Cuban Dining Table, Soho Lounge Chair, and Daze Dining Table - The Cuban Dining Table is another set I've been wanting to work into a design job. I almost had Yam convinced -- but we really didn't need a dining set in his place. I do think I'll be using this set in my current project, for my dear friend, Phrancis Sinatra. The Soho chairs are just darling and could be used in so many settings, and the Daze table is unlike any other I've seen in Second Life.

the-loft3_007.jpg the-loft3_008.jpg the-loft3_004.jpg

Last, just a bit of whimsy. Colleen has great accessories throughout -- candles, lamps, plants, vases, mirrors -- and most importantly: a no parking sign. :)


I have GOT to find a reason to have that.

The Loft3

**UPDATE** Colleen was kind enough to check out the blog :) and also let me know in her comment that she's been joined by designers Kingston Augustus and Elise Fugazi. That's why it's now Loft3 - get it? ;) Thanks, Colleen!

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