Just wanted to round out the blogging of my own place -- I am very proud of it and like to show it off. :) Here's my porch, a great place for lounging. I've been on a half-hearted search for a showerhead that i can attach to the glass wall -- would make an awesome outdoor shower.


Inside and to the left is the living area - the couch has my all-time favorite cuddle pose, and the rug is -- well....you know...naughty. For the record, the rug has also sat idle for quite some time. ;)


To the right when you walk in is my little reading nook. The chairs and table were gifts made by my dear pal Louis Beauchamp; check out his profile in-world. He and his partner have done some amazing work.


It's not just for show -- some books and magazines for actual reading in the nook. :)


Last, I'll point out the little window boxes I made. These are just the planters that all of us have somewhere in inventory; I retextured them as closely to the house as I could. The flowers are from Maracas Tropicals, where you can find some very nice landscaping items (and these were copiable) -- just a nice little touch for outside.


Living room, porch chaises: Ramos Designs

Naughty Rug: Neva Naughty Designs

Glass Wall: C.A. Designs

Flowers: Maracas Tropicals

Authorelle kirshner