I checked in on The Loft3 this weekend, and found that they have a new location! So, I wanted to be sure to share that here: The Loft3




The new place looks great -- still a few corners that I'm sure Colleen and her partners are working on filling. There were a few new sets up, and like all of the items found here, they're worth checking out!


First, the Croissant Set. I love it for the name more than anything, I think. :) It does look a little like a croissant...mmmm, flaky pastry.


I also found the Ingmann Set. I'm not 100% sure this is a new set, but it's definitely new to me - and I like it! It's a little more on the modern side than I usually go for; I think it's the rich colors that captured me.

the-loft3_part-2_003.jpg the-loft3_part-2_004.jpg

I also want to highlight the curtain you see behind the Ingmann Set. It may seem a minor thing, but my experience has been that it's not easy to find high-quality multi-purpose drapes in SL. The Hunt Curtain, pictured again below, is only $150L and is mod -- it would be great as window covering, wall deco, even as a simple 'headboard' behind a grand bed. The texture is amazing -- not too frilly, and giving just the right amount of sheer. Bravo!


Check out my previous post here, and get to The Loft3 to see all the cool stuff!