I decorated my friend Ulrich Renoir's place several months ago, and am just now getting around to blogging it. Truth be known, there's still more I'd like to do with it, especially landscaping around the patio and hot tub, and maybe Ulrich and I will venture into that someday in the future. Regardless, the place still looks great, and I hope Ulrich is enjoying it. (Ulrich is easily distracted ;) and has been occupying his SL time with setting up his own rental properties - they look great, too, and there's been mention of me landscaping those properties. In the meantime, check Ulrich's profile Picks tab in-world if you're looking for a cute rental house!)


The house is another great prefab from Barnesworth Anubis. The villa style doesn't necessarily 'go with' the alpine hillside, but who cares. It's a cool house. :)

We'll start with the entry. The bookshelf is from the Loft3 -- one of my favorites, of course. The planter in the corner was made by me, and I filled it with some gorgeous lillies from Heart Garden Centre -- another one of my favorites. The Rocky poster was Ulrich's, and the one item that he insisted remain in the house. No objections from me - I love Rocky! - so I made it a focal point. The Alabama posters are more creations of mine -- Ulrich is an Alabama boy. :) The rug is from Del Sol, an awesome shopping experience, and one that I should highlight soon. As you come through the front door and turn to your left, you see the awesome spiral staircase, and we set up a basic entrance. If Ulrich received SL mail, I imagine he'd place it on this table.

ulrich-blog_002.jpg ulrich-blog_003.jpg

We kept the living room simple with a basic, tailored set from Ramos Designs. Ulrich had previously procured the candles and placed them in the fireplace, for which he received 10 decorating points. :) The rug is from Van's Home & Garden, and the mirror is from The Old Curiosity Shop. The Monkees poster is another surprise creation/gift from me to Ulrich. We both <3 the Monkees.

ulrich-blog_004.jpg ulrich-blog_005.jpg

At the top of the stairs, we have a small seating area. The chaise is another piece from the Ramos Designs living room set, and the dresser goes with the bedroom set, which is also from The Loft3. Both pieces of wall art are from The Loft3, as well. The rug is from Del Sol.

ulrich-blog_007.jpg ulrich-blog_008.jpg


Finally, we have what Ulrich deemed the Love Nook. I'm not sure if capitalization is appropriate, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. :) The seating is from Neva Naughty (heh heh), the white rug and the candles are from Ramos Designs. The pictures in the corner are more creations of mine, just for Ulrich's house.

Check out these designers in SL:

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