I was recently exploring a few Japanese sims - because they have the *best* stuff...seriously - and stumbled across some precious patchwork-y furniture in one of the precious clothing stores. I bought, like, 3 shirts from the store, then checked the creator on the furniture, and found my way to Koenji to check out Lotta by Yaya Klees.

It's a small store, full of charm, and the line of items isn't vast by any means. Yaya primarily offers a couch and a chair - and the cool thing is the choice of fabrics, as well as choice of poses, that you get with each. Also, as you'll see in her vendor display, with the chair you get an ottoman, and with the couch you get a glass table. Sweet!



The sofa is $250L, the chair is $150L, and there is also a floor lamp available, in the matching fabrics, for $100L. Items are transfer, and would be adorable housewarming gifts for your cottage-type friends. I tried out the chair - mmm, comfy -- and the included pose/animation is really cute. I cycled through crossing my legs this way, that way, uncrossing them, and starting again. I'm fidgety.


Yaya also sells her poses for $40L each. I didn't cycle through all of them, just tried out a few, and they were cute! What I loved even more than the poses themselves was the texture Yaya used on her pose stands - precious!

lotta_006.jpg lotta_007.jpg

I also noted that the plants Yaya uses for decoration are from my favorite place ever -- Heart Garden Centre. :) Yay, Lilith and Dolly!

Check out Lotta in Koenji.