I just came across Melino Style recently...I forget how. I think I saw some pieces being used somewhere, most likely in a shop, and I checked Creator and tracked down the place. The designer is Tara Tagore, and she has captured some of the finest Moroccan textures and details I've seen in SL.


Tara has quite an expansive inventory, and there are tons of little details and treasures to be found. You have to visit Melino to see it all. There are tons of couch/chair sets to be had - and these are all gorgeous, large-scale items with great detail. For a sampling, here's the Marrakesh low chair -- it's 32 prims, priced at $250L, and there is also a matching sofa on a large scale, 37 prims and priced at $300L. The pillows are gorgeous, and I love the detailing on the sides with the little iron bars.


I also fell in love with the DuskyEarth daybed -- 25 prims, $350L, and it comes with 2 poses. More than the daybed itself, I think I love how Tara has it displayed, in the middle of a small pool. Exotic!


There are also several seating sets complete with stools or low-slung chairs and little tables. My favorite is the Kizmet set. The seating is available with a unisex pose, a male, and a female. The chairs are $120L each, the table is $80L, and the awesome centerpiece is $80L. Tara's candles rule...and overall, this set makes me want to sit around and eat figs. Possibly while wearing a veil of some sort. And coin jewelry.


You can find a lot of accessories - candles, lamps, vases, etc - under a few pavilions. Note the texturing and great use of shine on the vases - love it!


A few other favorites of mine:

melino_003.jpg melino_008.jpg

I LOVE the pet beds. :)

melino_002.jpg melino_001.jpg

Tara also has a few great pre-fabs -- they're high in prim, but exquisitely detailed, so they're worth the prim. There are also a few Moroccan tents, which are beautiful. My favorite is the Scheherazade tent - 145 prims, includes the cute lantern, but not the furniture. A handsome sheik to be included would be nice. :)


Check out Melino here. You can find your own precious dog for the dog bed at Zooby's, located here.