I've started working on the revamp of my South Beach store, just haven't made a lot of progress. In the meantime, since I have established my theme for the boxed products, I decided to use one of those marketing shots to spotlight my favorite set.

The Marie set is the first set where I finally felt like I actually knew what I was doing when creating textures. :) Takes me a while, sometimes... I created the wood texture from scratch, as well as the rug, and the upholstery fabric was a download that I tweaked and shaded to work. While I notice and adore details like shading and depth in textures, my brain doesn't always work the way I need it to to successfully create such details as shading and depth. So - to sum up ;) - I was pretty damn impressed with myself when I created the Marie set. This is the living set; there is also a dining set in a sage green finish.


You can see the Marie set rezzed at the Envy store, and it's also available (boxed) in the South Beach store. More to come soon!