Ok - this is awesome. I saw the ad for PlantPets on lindenlifestyles.com (where Second Spaces is also currently advertised - yay!) I absolutely love this concept -- plants that grow, and with which you can interact. Genius. Bruce Liebknecht is the mastermind, and I love love love the shop! So cute.


There are a variety of roses, asters, calla lilies, hyacinths, whatever-the-plural-of-hibiscus-is (hibscuses? hibiscusii? hibiscu?), and you can purchase gift copies, too. These would be excellent housewarming gifts, by the way. The plants come potted, and Bruce also sells pots individually, or you can re-pot your plant in your own container. The options are so fun:

  • you can set it so friends can water your plant for you (handy)
  • you can check the water level, the development, the health, and the happiness of your plant :)
  • you can turn on IMs from the plant - it will IM you every 12 hours if it's unhappy (awww :( )
  • you can turn on particles for when the plant is happy :)
  • you can set the speed of growth, or pause it completely

So, I had to buy one and check it out. :) I picked up the Eleusis Roseus - which I renamed to Otis, for no specific reason other than because I could. I set it up in the house, then sat on the couch and worked on the club schedule for next week -- saw some pretty significant results over about 30-45 minutes.

plantpets_006.jpg plantpets_007.jpg

plantpets_009.jpg plantpets_010.jpg

See the happy particles? And finally, I sit back and enjoy the bloom. I paused the growth after this part because I had to leave, and I don't want to miss any of it!


I'll have to post updated pics as Otis continues to grow -- it's like having a puppy. :) Check out PlantPets here - so fun!