**UPDATE** Thanks to all who came out last night -- between tips and direct donations, Hooters & Shooters raised $22,871L for Relay For Life during our event!! Great job to my awesome dancers, and many, many thanks to all who donated. The kiosk is still up in the club if you want to drop a few more lindens in there!

Sorry for the lengthy pause since my last post; the new club/sim has kept me busy. I have started working on a new patio set for Second Spaces, and I hope to have it finished and blogworthy in the next few days.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that we're having a Relay For Life event at my club, Hooters, tomorrow night! That's 4/5 from 4-6PM SL time. We always have awesome parties at Hooters; for this one, my dancers and I are going to donate 100% of our tips to Relay For Life!! You gotta come check out the new place, the hot dancers, and hang out with me while I'm DJing! My pal, Kalia Meiklejohn, will be hanging out with us -- she's already placed a RFL kiosk in the club, so you can always swing by and drop a few lindens in there even if you can't hang out for the event.

Hope to see you all there -- great music, hot dancers, maybe some boobies and man-parts, and it's all for a great cause!!! Everybody wins! :)

Hooters & Shooters Night Club