So, completely by chance, I came across Shade Fantasy Outfitters today. Clearly, it was fate. I have absolutely no need for any medieval-themed items, but I STILL spent at least 30 minutes exploring this sim. Therefore, I hereby mandate that you must all go and explore. Go. Now.

There's so much here that is awesome that I could never really describe it. Besides the fact that the designer, Ashade Sinister, is an absolute genius with sculpties and textures, I love the fact the she's put so much thought into accessories. My faithful readers (*waves at all 3 of them :) ) will know that I'm all about the details - after all, what good is a kick-ass kitchen if you don't have anything to put on the counters? Speaking of which, check out Ashade's kick-ass kitchen - complete with things on counters!

There are tons of accessory items sprinkled around, as well as some of the best looking sculptie food ever!

One of my favorite items is the apple tree, complete with apple picking animation! I helped myself...

When you go, be sure to really explore the sim. There's a lot to see just in the central shop area, and there's also some areas that branch off of that central the medieval BDSM cave that I found. ;) There's a drawbridge to play with on one corner of the sim, a few cows and a windmill sprinkled around, and possibly more that I didn't even find. Before I left, though, I did spend some time roughing it at the camp site just off the main courtyard. Did me some fishin'. Cooked it up. Yep.

Get over there, check it out. Shade Fantasy Outfitters. Score!