I have a few specific posts I really want to get up here...but until that happens, here's a quick one. Recently, I've been asked by a few customers to do some re-texturing, swap-texturing, etc for my existing pieces. It's actually worked out really well, so I want to be sure to get the word out that customization is available at Second Spaces! I can switch one texture from this piece to that piece, or even start from scratch. Also, if you have a specific need that I haven't filled, BUT you like my style ;) then let me know what you need and I'm happy to give it a shot!

Here are just a few before & after shots of the custom work I've done:

The Drake sofa, the Chunky floor lamp, and the Lester chair as originally created, above. Below are the re-textures I did for my pal Roxie PIzzicato:

Then, for a new friend and valued customer, Lawra Fredrickson, I made some changes to the Marie living room set to match it to the Marie dining set. The first picture below is the original, followed by the customs for Lawra.

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