I was on a roll there for a bit -- now it's been a month without even a *poke* from me. I've been quite busy with a project that is so close to being done -- like this close [ ] -- and that I will be posting about soon. In the meantime, I grabbed a few minutes to start a series of posts I've had in mind for a while.

Welcome to 'The Top 12 Places You Should Know About If You Have a SL Home', as decided by Elle Kirshner. There are countless designers in SL making awesome houses, furniture, trees, plants, accessories, and on and on and on, and I will always encourage everyone to explore, explore, explore because there is so much great stuff to be found. However, I do have certain LMs that I am quick to share with folks who are looking for these things -- sort of a starter kit. This is not a countdown or a stack ranking -- just really my favorite places and the ones I recommend the most.

Today, we'll start with the houses. I think it's awesome to build your own -- but there are some amazing ones out there, and if you like instant gratification like I do ;) , then save the building for your garden shed or beach gazebo and pick up a prefab.

Barnesworth Anubis Pre-Fab[ulous] Homes & Furniture

I can't believe I've never highlighted Barnesworth. I've mentioned his designs in a few posts -- my own home is a BA pre-fab - but I realize now that I've never actually highlighted him. BA has residential and commercial pre-fabs. If you've ever been shopping, well, pretty much anywhere there is a collection of stores, then I guarantee you've seen at least 3 of his commercial designs. On the residential side, he has just a ton of pre-fabs ranging in tropical styles, a few retro-modern, a few asian, and his newest collection of Victorian styles, seen below.

All of his pre-fabs are rezzed and available for a walk-through; you can TP from the main store, quite conveniently. I want you to go check it out yourselves, so I'm not going to load you up with pictures. Just one pre-fab that I'll highlight to further pique your curiosity. ;) The La Jolla House:

The La Jolla House is 149 prims, comes with a privacy system of tinting windows and locking doors, and is available for L$1750, mod/copy. I think what I like best about BA's houses - aside from the fact that they rule - is that most of them are fairly small, just 1 or 2 rooms. That's perfect for SL -- how many of us really need the 10 room mansion? Also, all the furniture is BA Designs as well, and is available for purchase! It takes all the guesswork out of decorating!

So there ya go, the first in our Top 12 List. Look for another post in the very near future to spotlight another awesome designer of pre-fabs. Oooooh, the suspense!