Welcome to Part 2 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

Today I'm stepping way over to the other side of pre-fabs. I'm sure you've all seen the gorgeous, intricately detailed tall masted ships around SL -- those are the work of Lia Woodget, and you can find them at The Black Spot Shipyard.

Even if you're not looking for a ship, you have to visit the sim because, simply, it's amazing. Lia has done an outstanding job -- it's one of those places you need to have at least an hour to explore. There are quite a few shops placed around the sim, too, and the way they're situated is just...poetry. I can't explain - you have to go see. Go!

Again, because I want you to go see for yourself, I've only got a few pictures. Lia has huge ships, and she has smaller, drivable boats. She also has great accessories sprinkled around: barrels and crates and nautical type things (technical term) -- and I know there's more, and that's why you have to go!

Just a sneak peek - the pictures are worth 1000 words, I'd say.

The Crow - $L5000, 278 prims (with the cannons)

The Black Sparrow - $L9000, 545 prims

Seriously - look at those textures! Look at that detail! I'm in love and green with envy all at the same time! Lia has mad skillz, it's clear. :) Go see! Now!