Welcome to Part 3 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

So far we've covered pre-fabs...now that we have a house, we need furniture! So let me start by spotlighting a frequent blog mention here on Second Spaces: The Loft! I've mentioned this shop on several occasions; just do a quick search on the blog for 'the loft' and you'll see about 5 posts that apply. Colleen Desmoulins and Bethany Hart are the designers behind the brand - I'm not sure if Kingston Augustus is still with them- and everything they create makes me say 'oh, damn!' -- in a good way. If you're a fan of Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel -- as I am -- then The Loft is a must-have LM for you.

I popped into the store specifically to pick out a few of my favorites that I haven't already blogged. Those are shown below -- and you know what you need to do, dear reader, don't you? GO THERE. :)

Bago Living Room: They do green like nobody's business! Subtle, soft...I want to lounge.

Stephanie Dining: The chair texture is awesome. It's like...formal snakeskin.

Bago Bedroom: I have always loved a canopy bed. When I was a wee girl, I wanted a princess canopy bed more than anything...and I never got one. My tastes have grown up (thankfully!), and this is the sort of canopy that not-so-wee Elle dreams of.

I may have said this in my original spotlight post...but it bears repeating: the textures you find on The Loft's upholstered pieces are heaven. Truly, it's almost a tangible experience for me.

So, dear reader - go, see, touch. The Loft also has some awesome pre-fabs that are a must see; check my post about their sim opening for a sneak peek of a few of them!