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Today is our final furniture-related post -- of course, as you can see, most of the designers I've spotlighted so far are jacks-of-all-trades, with houses AND furniture AND accessories, etc. It's just one aspect of their work that I've been highlighting. And on that note, let's talk about Ramos Designs Furniture.

Ramos Designs, owned and designed by the husband/wife team of xTrojan and Susan Ramos, is one of the first places I found in SL when I rented my first little beach cottage. I have several of their pieces in my own house, and have used their pieces in a design job or two. Ramos is the perfect place to go for basics. They have a huge inventory - living, dining, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, outdoor - and the items are well-crafted and well-textured. Please understand, dear reader, that 'basics' does not imply dull. Far from it! I say 'basics' because Ramos is great for finding a nice, simple, clean-lined sofa set to use as your starting point, for example. Find your foundational pieces here.

Oddly enough, I seem to usually place function over form in SL -- that's why I don't have a house with a bathroom or kitchen. I'm not going to use them, so why have them? However, I do enjoy a well-designed SL kitchen, at least aesthetically. I'm a big fan of RL kitchen design, and I suppose that crosses over. Ramos has a large selection of kitchens to choose from, and most (maybe all) come in boxed sets with all the critical pieces, and then you can also purchase accessory/peripheral pieces, too. I mean, if you're gonna have a SL kitchen -- do it right. :)

I also don't have a laundry room in my SL house, but I do giggle gleefully whenever I come across laundry items, or anything that alludes to RL chores in SL. This set, complete with animated textures, gave me a smile. :)

I do enjoy the Modesto Sectional, below - it steps outside the 'basics' a little, giving you something a bit fun, a bit eccentric.

I've mentioned my obsession with canopy beds -- and here's a big ooooohhhhh for me:

Another thing I love at Ramos is their candles! I don't know why theirs are so appealing to me -- I suppose it's their specific flame texture, and probably the way the candle wax dips in to indicate a candle that's been burning for a while - but these are by far my favorite candles...even above the ones I've created and sell in my own shop. And I love that Ramos has a whole wall of candles - literally! Probably 10-15 different designs or configurations, all available in a multitude of colors. This is where you should go to prepare for that romantic date you're planning! You know who you are!

Get over to Ramos Designs quickly! They also have a very cute bakery with all sorts of goodies, and a whole neighborhood of very nice, well-constructed pre-fabs!

Tomorrow, we move to landscaping!