Welcome to Part 8 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

Let's recap: so far, we've covered the house and the furniture -- next step is the landscaping! It's my belief that you should landscape regardless of how small your place is, or how close the neighbors are -- landscaping can be a potted plant or two on your deck, or it can be an entire formal English garden. Either way, you have to do it!

Anyone who has read my blog since the early days knows exactly where I want everyone to go buy their plants and assorted landscape items -- Heart Garden Centre, by Lilith and Dolly Heart. I spotlighted Heart Garden last year, and have mentioned them in about 5 different posts...because I love them. :) Lilith Heart is absolutely the sweetest lady, on top of being a gorgeously skilled designer. Odds are, dear readers, that you all are familiar with Heart - and I guarantee you have all seen their items sprinkled around SL. Those fabulous lighted trees- you know the ones, in pink, blue, or white, that look like 100 individual softly glowing bulbs entwined in a fantastically detailed tree, that you see approximately every 50 sqm across the grid? ;) Those are from Lilith and Dolly!

I went to visit the Heart sim for the purposes of this post, to get some pictures of items new to me, and I'm going to share those with you here. Please, though, review my previous posts on Heart, and just go there to see the wonders -- words cannot do it justice. Here's what I found for show & tell:

Red Rose bouquet with garlic mustard-potted: Perfection. In a pot.

Hyacinth-Delft Blue: There are several color variations of these gorgeous plants. Perfect for your porch or deck, or even just inside in the foyer!

Tropical Anthurium: Don't you just want to touch the flowers? It's like you can almost feel them!

Micro Islands: I'm not sure how i never noticed these before -- Lilith and Dolly have actual little (you know...'micro' :) ) islands, all ready-made for placement on your water property. There are about 6-8 different shapes/configurations -- great idea!

This is just the tiniest sampling of the delights waiting for you at Heart Garden Center. You must go, and go now! There will be a quiz!