Welcome to Part 11 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

Hello again! Today we're going to continue with accessories - specifically, lighting. I'm one to keep my world on Midday 99% of the time, but I still like to have appropriate lamps and lighting just to make a space feel like it should. You can find lighting everywhere, and a lot of the furniture shops you'll find have lamps to coordinate with their furniture sets, which is always great. For general lighting - meaning lamps that could work anywhere and aren't specific to a furniture set - my favorite place is Avenue Four by Luna Benavente. She makes the cutest light bulbs -- zoom in close!

It's a nice shop, well laid-out, and Avenue Four has cute furniture, too. For this post, I'm focusing on the lights. Oohh...the lights. My favorites are the Twinkle Stick lights. I bought these over a year ago when I set up my house, and I've also used them in the club. Most of Avenue Four's lights come in really large packs including slightly different variations, lengths, etc. The Twinkle Stick lights are wonderful for grouping, as in the pic below, and great for individual placement to highlight certain spots, like columns or entrances, or even to frame a window.

On this visit to Avenue Four, I noticed the One Night In Bangkok set which includes this lovely and nicely textured lamp. I'm a sucker for anything that looks lacquered.

The Retro Chic lamps come in several colors to match the corresponding living room sets, and really, they're a style that would work anywhere: great for a dining area -- group a few together for an entrance, giving a chandelier-like effect -- buy a few and send them to me -- really, the possibilities are endless. :)

The last picture I'll share is the Brady Chrome Light. This is the sort of light I love in RL - it's industrial, but not too much. It would fit in a traditional house as easily as in a warehouse loft - and really works in any room. I especially like this look in a kitchen, that's just a preference -- it really does work anywhere.

Ok, there's the tease. :) We all need lighting - YOU need lighting -- so get over to Avenue Four and check it out. The lighting is, of course, displayed throughout the store, and there is a Lighting corner on the 2nd level where you can pick up the big packs o' light. Luna also has some really cute string lights that are just adorable for outdoor spaces, too, and you'll see those displayed, as well. [Insert some light-related cliche' here, perhaps relating to the end of a tunnel?] Enjoy!