Welcome to Part 12 of my Top 12! Need some background on what this list is all about? Click here for the original post.

I'm just going to jump into this one today -- let's talk about Shade Fantasy Outfitters by Ashade Sinister. I just found and blogged Shade Fantasy back in April, and it immediately jumped into my Top 12. I've sent no less than 12 friends to the sim, directed probably as many to my blog to see the pictures, and find myself strolling through there every few weeks. It's also an amazing build, and so detailed in its details (just go with me on that one) that I always find something I didn't see the last time. As I mentioned in my original blog post, everything here appears to be very medieval and/or Gorean themed, but do not let that stop you! 1) it's still an awesome exploration, and 2) a lot of what you'll find here can be useful in any setting. For example:

Sculpted Beehive: this is so cute -- I've got to go back and pick one up for the sim. This would be awesome to tuck into a tree or under an eave -- the bees circle, there's a buzzing sound, and if someone clicks the hive for 10 seconds, a swarm of bees surrounds them. NOTHING attracts traffic to a sim like swarming bees! It's been scientifically proven!

Pitch Tent set: I'm not a camping kind of gal - but I do love this set. This would be perfect in a wooded sim -- is there camping in SL? I need to know...

Firefly Light Posts: These. Are. Precious. Little jars of fireflies, all aglow. I would love to have a few of these on my beach - I'm sure they look amazing at sunset or midnight. In the background, I'm parked on the Sculpted Rickety Swing, which includes a boy/girl cuddle pose. I had no boy. I can't pass up a good swing, though!

Woodcutter's Block: Ok, this should inspire fear -- Elle with an axe. And, of course, the picture makes it look like I've just come running from the other side of the room to split the wood...which I did not. :) It's a really cute animation, and the wood actually does split after 10 chops or so. I think chores are important in SL -- builds character.

Veggie Patch: See, more chores, good for the soul! If you've ever had to dig for potatoes, as I did in my childhood summers spent in North Carolina, then you know the level of dirty associated with the task. The SL way is much more pleasant. Look - my shirt is still clean!

Kissing Bales: Ok, these are a must have if your land includes a rural-looking space or a barn...or hell, this is SL -- put these on your beach house deck! Again, I had no boy to play with, so the kissing is a bit one-sided...I need a blogging assistant. Still, so cute!

Get over to Shade Fantasy Outfitters and play! Oh, and buy stuff! You need it all!

This concludes our Top 12 -- I'll post a recap and consolidated link list in the next day or two. This has been a blast!