I had a few review copies sent to me about 2 weeks ago from Ivanova Shostakovich and Peter Stindberg of Greene Concept Furniture. I went ahead and popped into their shop, too, to see what I could see - the inventory is limited at this point to just the two pieces below, but there are quite a lot of textures available for each piece, so I'd say it's worth a look.

The first piece is the Berliner Stool. Ivanova and Peter also tout it as a 'sofa without backrest'. I could see it used as seating alone, or even as an overly large ottoman with a coordinating chair or sofa. It's only 4 prims, which is great, and seats 4 people. From what I could tell in the store, the price of the Berliner varies depending on the fabric you choose: I saw $700L and $250L options - denim, cotton, suede, and a few more.

The other piece is the San Jose Bench. I do like the shape of this; it's a bit different without being TOO different. As with the Berliner, the San Jose is available in a multitude of fabrics, which seem to be split into either $800L or $300L options. The piece is only 7 prims -- again, awesome -- and seats 5 avatars.

The textures are good quality -- the tufting on the San Jose is really nice and very realistic, a well as the piping around the edge of some of the Berliner texture options. I also really like how the available textures are displayed. :) Dear readers, you know I'm a sucker for a clever display!

Ivanova and Peter are advertising these pieces as ideal for lounges, offices, exhibition spaces, as well as private homes. I definitely agree - I really like the idea of the San Jose as the new conference table - it would be great in a setting for discussion forums or SL learning...I also think it would be a unique seating option for larger clothing/shoe stores. Possibilities abound. ;)

Thanks to Ivanova and Peter for sharing. Get over to Greene Concept and try 'em out!