Just a few quick reviews today - I've been contacted by a few designers in the past few weeks, and I'm working through the reviews when I can. I'm slow. It's well-known.

Harper's Fine Art & Photographs: Harper Ganesvoort is the owner and designer, and she specializes in framed art. From my experience, there aren't a ton of folks who offer framing services in SL, so certainly it's good to know that the option is out there. Harper does have a retail location, and there are some nice pieces available there, very reasonably priced. The frames you'll see in her shop are not especially ornate or elaborate, but they are textured well and fit the prints nicely. I like these gold frame textures:

Harper has a series of lithographed fruit crate labels available in-store, too, which are just cute.

In addition to what's available in the shop, Harper also offers custom framing. Commissions are accepted, and alterations can be requested, too. Check out Harper's Fine Art here, and also check Harper's blog for more info.

Aimesi Design: I got a really nice note via Facebook from Sonja Rodenberger, asking me to visit Aimesi Design, owned and designed by her friend Mea Carnell. Aimesi is very definitely a modern furniture store, and if that's your style, it's certainly worth a look. The designs are well made and well textured (you know how picky I am about the textures!) - and the cool thing is that the majority of the pieces include texture change options and multiple pose options. A few pieces caught my eye:

Nubby brown sofa: that's my name for it, not Mea's. :) It's sort of a new take on the le Corbusier sofa, which I love. I really like the texture on this -- it looks very soft, very comfy, and it has just the right amount of depth. (600L, 41 prims)

Nubby chaises: Again, that's what I call them. :) Same texture as the couch above, and just a very pleasing-to-the-eye curve to them. (140L each, 6 prims)

Big block o' art: yeah, my name for it again. :) I really like this -- there were a few different prints in a similar frame - this is a large free-standing piece of floor art, and would be perfect to fill in an empty corner or even act as a room divider. Very creative. (160L, 4 prims)

Another really cool thing you can find at Aimesi is the "new generation of dining table." :) Mea has a large selection of varying styles of tables, all which are menu-driven for selection of about 12 food/drink options. You select the option from the menu and voila! the items appear on the table! You can then click the items to receive the corresponding drink or food item. Cute! You can find the. out for demo in the back room of the shop.

Get over to Aimesi Design and check it out -- I noticed the upstairs is currently under construction, so I imagine there are more good things to come!