I was talking with Luna Benavente yesterday about the design contest coming up, and she asked me 'Have you seen our new house?' I had not, and I'm not one to turn down an opportunity to see a house - in SL or RL - so I said TP me! Here is the actual true response I had as soon as I walked in:

[2008/08/05 8:50] You: i actually just gasped

I've stated in this blog before that I'm not partial to big honkin' SL houses - they tend to feel cavernous and cold, and you couldn't possibly ever fill them up and make them feel cozy. The times, they are a-changin'. :) The Deeb Home is a product of The Firm, a company formed by Luna and Asri Falcone...and it should be required that you go see it. Yes, you.

When I went back to the house this morning to take pics, I had a really hard time not taking pics of every square meter, because I love every meter as much as the last. So I'm going to try and highlight just the coolest things and tease you just enough that you'll run right over to see the whole package! Now you know my M.O.

Entrance waterfall:

Super cool curvy ceiling w/recessed lights, over the living area:

My absolute favorite SL office of all time:

Recessed hot tub & bar in the upstairs hall -- the coolest thing about this is not that they put a hot tub in the upstairs hall...it's that they did it with such subtlety. It's not like you walk upstairs and go 'Wow! There's a hot tub here!!!' It's more like you come around the corner and go 'Oh! Well, look at that. There's a hot tub. Cool.' It's not a focal point; it's a hidden treasure.

Best master bedroom ever -- bear in mind that this picture only shows the bed area...you're missing out on the sitting area, the fireplace, the large cool TV, the master bath, and the cute little wardrobe/closet area. Go. Now. And. See.

The Deeb Home is listed at $L18,995. Before you fall out, let me explain! That includes the house (copy/mod) AND everything inside it. All the cool, sleek, very well-textured and animated furniture...the accessories...original artwork...working faucets...and more and more...and the best SL ceilings I have ever seen. Seriously, as you explore the house, be sure to look up. A lot. And, at 1372 prims (furnished), this is not a house for the 512 sqm land owner - but for the rest of us... ;) as the info notecard for the house states - 'be the talk of the town in your neighborhood!'

Check out The Deeb Home here. Enjoy!