Prad Prathivi contacted me a few weeks ago, sent me a LM to Amodica, and asked if I would check it out. I had heard of Amodica, and somehow just never visited, so i hopped on over. It's a very large build, and it's combined with Amodica Fashion, so it took me a few minutes to sort of find my way around. The lower floor has a large selection of living rooms and bedrooms, and upstairs there are a few dining rooms and kitchens; the kitchens are definitely worth a look.

I would describe Amodica's style as modern organic. It's definitely modern, and at the same time, it's very warm and almost earthy with the wood textures used. I really like the wood textures, and there are quite a few variations. The living set that most caught my eye was the Tectonic Living set:

Great wood texture, and the upholstery fabric is lush...just the way I like it. I played around with a few of the living sets...all the seating seems to be scripted with menu-controlled anims, which is becoming more and more popular in furniture design, and I'm for it! The tricky thing here, at least for the ones I tried, was that the furniture is set for left-click/Buy -- so I could sit and select my starting anim, but when I clicked the piece again to bring up the menu, I could only get the Buy popup window. That's certainly no reason not to buy...I just like playing with anims. :) I did get to try out the 'Rest your head' anim on one couch, which was so cute -- it was like me in RL when I drift off on the couch, my head drops, and then my entire body jumps...and repeat. :)

Two bedrooms that caught my eye: the Haiku Bedroom and the Suenos Bedroom -- again, great wood variations...I really like the Suenos wood texture:

The beds (at least the ones I checked) come with cuddle anims and...well...naughty anims. Score. ;) All the items at Amodica are low- to mid-range for number of prims and definitely seem to be reasonably priced for the quality you find here. There were a few accessories to be found - some nice simple wall-mount fireplaces, for example - and a great selection of rugs. (I happened to check Second Homes just before I started writing this, and noticed that Nika previously used a pic almost exactly like the one I took to showcase the rugs :) but hey, they're great rugs!) Great designs and again, a very lush feel to the textures:

Go and see!