Aimesi has released a new line of beds that I think are precious! When Mea Carnell first released them, she promoted them as non-sex beds -- they're more focused on fun animations, as you'll see in a second. Since the initial release, though, she's also included a sex-gen type of add-on that can be purchased as a supplement, if the sweet cuddling just isn't getting you through the night. ;)

The beds are very nice sculpt beds, available in several different fabrics and slightly different designs. On their own, they're just nice looking beds, and that's always good to have.

In addition to some nice, sweet cuddle poses -- you can have breakfast in bed, built right in!! I love that!! I ran into Mea when I was in the store, and she was nice enough to play with me. Care for some juice?

Once breakfast was done -- and after allowing an appropriate amount of time for the food to settle -- it was time for a pillow fight! That's right - built right into the bed!! Whee!

Get over to Aimesi to check out the beds -- and from now until Sunday, Mea has a treasure hunt going on in the store! There are 15 treasure boxes to be found...I found about 8, I think...and it's some cool stuff!

These are just a few of the treasures...I love the little blue pinwheel flowers. Go find some treasure!

*Giskard Kessel is not available as part of the treasure hunt...he can, however, be found on the corner outside Second Spaces, pretty much 24X7.