I'm a big fan of the shabby chic approach to decorating -- not just the wonderful cottage style, but also the opportunity to take what's old and make it new again - and then make it look sort of old again. ;) I also love to watch those TV shows where the host scours yard sales and street markets for 'pieces with potential', then transforms them into something that makes me go 'oooohhhh!'. With that in mind, I took a look around SL and found a few pieces with potential...I checked swap meets, thrift stores, even found one or two pieces on the curb where folks had placed them outside for trash pickup. Here's the collection I gathered, straight off the street (that was me in your driveway last night):

The sofa and chair were in great structural shape, but that fabric! No no! I got to work on some slipcovers, and that established the color scheme for the whole set.

Next, I got to work on the bookshelf and the sideboard. I stripped them both of their finishes, and of course repaired what was broken. I decided to make the bookshelf into an armoire, so i added legs and doors. I really like the beadboard panelling on the doors. :) I repainted them both, added some hardware, and ta da!

For the wood tables, it was the same thing - I stripped them completely and started fresh. The wrought iron table base got a coat of paint and I had a glass top cut for it. The round side table seemed to be missing something from the center, so I splurged just a bit and had marble cut to fit it. End result, light and airy tables to accent the set.

I added a rug, table lamps, a great burnished metal planter, and an adorable chandelier, and voila! The Caroline Living Set!

After much sanding, two fainting spells from the varnish remover, and 4 broken nails (!), the Caroline Living Set is available now at Second Spaces! The sofa and chair include menu-driven poses/animations (thanks, [HeZ] Multi-Sit!) -- 6 in the sofa and 3 in the chair.

Swing by the shop and try it out!