The Coffee set was one of my very first creations, way back when. It was pretty simple and basic, and really, not very well textured because I just didn't know what I was doing back then...not that I know now, either, but I have at least made progress. ;) Anyway, amazingly to me, the Coffee set has always been a fairly good seller. I decided, though, that it was time to bring the Coffee set out of 2007 and into 2008 -- so Second Spaces introduces the Coffee Redux set!

The set includes custom-made menu-driven animations: 4 in the loveseat and 2 in the chair. This is me and my pal Giskard tryin' them out. The Coffee Redux set also includes updated bookshelves - what you see below is a grouping of three. The bookshelves are available individually.

The Coffee Redux set is great for small spaces, and is now available at Second Spaces. Swing on by and try it out!