Halloween is a HUGE holiday in SL -- I know the lengths we went to last Halloween...and this year could be even bigger. :) We've started decorating the sim, so I've been keeping my eyes open for cool decor, and I'll share what I come across with you, dear readers. Here's the first batch!

CAS -- I've blogged CAS before. This is THE place to go for SL food and drink, and so much more! Here are my favorites that Casandra Jackson has released this year:

That's Spider Venom, Zombie VIrus, and Ghostly Spirirts. Ooooohhhhhh! $250L each, and perfect for your Halloween party(ies)!

These are so cool -- Horror Changers! That's before/after from top to bottom -- the pics change magically every 10 seconds or so. Casandra has just a ton of these -- $100L each, or you can pick up an entire gallery.

Greene Concept Furniture: Peter Stindberg has released a Halloween version of the Berlin Sofa, as well as special edition of the Quintos Chronometer. Very cute!

Christos Creations: Christos Atlantis has a freebie pack of Halloween goodies available at his main store. I love the wee pumpkin candle!

Check back regularly -- I'll update as I find more cool stuff that you can't live without! :)