We've got the sim mostly decorated and ready for our Fall Festival and for Halloween...but I'm always still on the lookout for great Halloween decorations! Here are some more goodies that you need to check out!

First, a quick hit from Aimesi Designs -- Mea Carnell has a very nice hay wagon available for $200L...just perfect for your moonlight hayride!

I also popped into Passionate Neko Dreams' Halloween shop...really, to look at their outfits (which are awesome and totally worth checking out, but since this isn't a fashion blog...we'll move on :) ) and found that Saur Holt also has a great selection of really cute sculpted jack-o-lanterns. They're $100L each...and well, they're precious.

Then I made a stop at Ramos Designs, one of my self-declared must-shop places in SL. Susan and xTrojan Ramos really go all out for Halloween -- a huge selection of detailed gravestones, a full haunted house, floating ghosty things, and tons more. Here are the things I love the most!

Halloween characters -- these are so cute! The mummy, reaper, and Franky are each $150L, and the witch with the cauldron is $250L. The witch is animated with very shifty eyes as she stirs and stirs and stirs and stirs her brew. (see what I did there?) They're all great fun, and the mummy, reaper, and Franky are also each available in large or small (same price, I believe) -- I have to say the mummy is my favorite. He's cute, AND looks like he's being held up at gunpoint. :)

There are also very realistic coffins available for $275L...animated for boys and girls, and including the classic "I'm rising from the dead and this is how I will sit up" pose. I love that one!

My absolute favorite thing from Ramos -- because I love all things wee and precious! -- are these tabletop jack-o-lantern candles!!! They're $25L each and are so so so cute, even sitting in front of a very large pool of blood. I love that middle guy!

I will keep updating as I find more Halloween things that you have to have! Be sure to swing by each of these shops and check out all the goodies...tell them Elle sent you! (see what I did there, too?)

If any of you, my dear readers, see something awesome that you think I should blog, feel free to IM me in world or email me at ellekirshner@aol.com. Thanks!