More great stuff to share! If you missed parts 1and 2, check the Holiday category on the menu to the left. Here are my newest finds!

Shade Fantasy Outfitters: Shade Fantasy is one of my favorite places to visit, much less shop. Ashade Sinister is a master at everything she does. Period. :) In her new releases, I found the Skull Pyre Torches, perfect for decorating your mausoleum!

Ashade also has these awesome Gnarled Branch Lights -- they're not necessarily a Halloween release, but they'd be perfect in a haunted or enchanted forest!

Trinket Halloween: Trinket is new to me, and a great find. Mystery Moonlight has a really cute Halloween shop set up with great goodies -- including a really cute Halloween jewelry set for free! We're using her hay bales on the sim, along with her Old Wagon (seen below, and I love it!), and I picked up her Witches' Brew cauldron, too, perfect for our haunted house. Here are some favorites!

The Old Wagon - great shadowing on this one!

Skull Hot Tub - hands down, the best bloody hot tub I've ever seen. :) Yes, that is a femur (or is it a tibula?) floating on the surface.

Mystery also has the most delicious looking edible goodies -- available in packs of 10 for $L45 or $L25 (for the small candy). It's hard to see in the picture, but those are plastic spider rings on the bottom row to the right! I want some!! They weren't marked for sale when I was in there; I'm sure Mystery will remedy that soon. :) I did grab some of the apples and the treat bags -- too cute!

More to come as soon as I find it!