Whimsy Winx was kind enough to send me a few review items from her new store, Winx Home & Garden. I also took a trip to her new location to check things out, and I liked what I saw! Whimsy is set up outside, very naturally working her items into the landscape, which I really like. It's a very scenic and peaceful location.

I'm going to jump right to my favorite thing: Petite Maison Citrouille...AKA a really cute pumpkin that you could live in!

I set this up on the edge of the sim, by our haunted house, so that everyone can enjoy it for the fall season. Until I move into it permanently, that is. ;) Inside are two seating areas, arranged sort of like bunk beds (always fun), with several couples poses included. Just so cute.

Whimsy also shared her Autumn Centerpiece with me...the flowers are gorgeous! This is just perfect for a large wooden mantel...I just have to get one of those now. (*points all mantel designers to the 'review copies' page).

At Winx Home & Garden, you'll also find lovely columnades and a gazebo, as well as a very nice fire/conversation pit -- all very romantic without being schmaltzy. I look forward to seeing what Whimsy comes up with next!