Mea Carnell sent me a copy of her latest interactive delight: The Island. This is exactly what it sounds like -- an island. And oh, what an island!

Here's what you start with:

When you click that dark grey rock in the center of the island...well, that's when treasures unfold.

From this menu, you can select 11 vignettes for the island, with scenarios ranging from "hey, let's party at my place" to "hey, let's me and you spend a quiet evening alone - wink, wink". Some of my favorites:

Romantic Dinner: the table is one of Mea's fancy menu-driven tables with just tons of drink and food options:

The Cave: there are shower and bathing poseballs included. (WINK WINK)

Snug Talking: this looks like my kind of party.

Swing by Aimesi Designs to try out all the options; if you decide you want one for yourself, it's $L1500, and the most prim-heavy vignette tops out at 107 prims. Not bad! Mea does a great job with interactive items, and I think this island was an adorable idea. So many options in such a reasonably-sized package! Great job!