Anyone who has read this blog knows that I love Barnesworth Anubis Designs. What you may not know -- or maybe you do -- is that Barnesworth has just re-opened...grandly, of course...and is celebrating his grand re-opening with a sale and awesome freebies for you! Yes, you!

Barnes was kind enough to send me a folder of goodies for review...and as you'll see in the pictures below, I was so giddy that I rezzed them right there over the water on my sim. :) I'm not ashamed. For the grand re-opening, Barnes has 7 new prefabs available (OMG!), on sale for 25% off (OMGOMG!) *AND* he's offering an entire furniture package at 50% off for all the contents in his newest prefab. Words cannot describe how awesome this is for all the design junkies out there. ......see? No words.

Here are a few shots of the Angolo prefab. This is another great example of why I love Barnes' prefabs -- it's simple, not too large, and loaded with quiet style. I love the deck outside, and the large living area. I really really love the pass-through fireplace between the living area and the bedroom...and you'll see in the second picture that there's a small bath area partitioned off in the corner of the bedroom. You don't need anything more than that!



The Trocadero set is new, as well, and is a wonderfully detailed set, perfect for indoors OR out.


In addition to all the new stuff, Barnes has also set up a tour of all 25 prefabs - with goodies in each house! As you walk into each prefab on the tour, you'll automatically receive a free gift (sometimes you have to wait a minute or two, but it's totally worth it!). These are not just everyday freebies, either -- these are great [ba] items that you'd usually pay 50-250L for in the shop. Here are just some of the freebies I picked up on the tour -- remember, there are 25 houses, so 25 goodies!


You can read more about the grand re-opening on Barnes' blog - you really need to get over to the houses, though, and pick up your freebies! The sale and freebies will be around through this weekend - they're coming down on Monday, so hurry!