Hello, dear readers -- something a bit different today. You may remember the Second Spaces Shadowbox Design contest back in August...the grand prize winner was Maerok Westland with his way-cool outerspace getaway. After the contest, I did a quick interview with Maerok, and we talked about the nanosculpts he's been working with. Well...he messaged me recently to let me know he just finished a big commissioned job for Freesoul Fashion, and he sent over a bunch of it for me to check out. This is why I love being a blogger! ;) Now, of course, I am not a fashion blogger...but since it's our old friend Maerok...and I can see nanosculpts being useful in lots and lots of applications...I figured I'd show you a bit of what Maerok has done.

For starters, we have the diamonds...ahhh, the diamonds. I really do love the tiny little sculpted gems -- very real!



Another set Maerok sent over is the Silver Branches set. This is quite detailed and the nanosculpts really capture the daintiness of the pieces...I'm familiar with similar items in RL, and they are very delicate. Great job on this set!


There are also several men's pieces, too -- way too big for me to model,

so go check these out at Freesoul or IM Maerok for more info.


We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging. ;)