Following up on my previous Top 12 series, I'm happy to welcome you to the "9 More Places Everyone Should Know About in SL, Especially If You Own a House or Land, and You Like Cool Stuff" series...henceforth known as "9 More Places!".


This is not a stack ranking or countdown of best places - these are places that I have found over the years that I really enjoy, LMs that I pass out when folks are looking for decorating goodness, and places that everyone should check out at least once, as decided by me. Ready? Ok!

Ingrid Ingersoll's Homestore

Let me start by saying that I consider it a huge shame that I have never blogged Ingrid before. It was not an intentional oversight by any means -- Ingrid Ingersoll is one of the designers I found very early on when I began to really dig into SL design, and one who fanned the flames (oh my) of my passion for SL furniture, architecture, and decor. I'm going to share just a few of my favorites with you, and then I want you to go check Homestore out yourself! I can't do all the work for you!

Let's start with the furniture. Ingrid is amazing with textures -- her woods/wickers are glorious, and her fabrics are plush. And that, dear readers, is what hooks me.

Belmont Set:

belmontFowler Set:

fowlerCan't you just imagine the feel of the fabric? Note that each set is available in several fabric options -- you can see the other fabrics in the cute little display stands.

Ingrid also has a large selection of wonderful prefabs. I guarantee you've all seen her tree house in your travels around SL -- it's awesome, I love it, and clearly lots of other folks love it, too. Another prefab I know you've seen, especially if you're a shopper (I see it used most frequently in shopping sims), is her Garden District Townhouse. Gorgeous.


You can also find very nice, small decor details at Homestore -- sconces, vases, candles, etc. I love the hourglass...

hourglass..and one of the items that really caught my eye, way back when, is Ingrid's wooden shelf. Seriously. It's the simplicity of it that I love so much -- it's simple, but still more interesting than a single rectangular prim. That's my inner decorating geek coming out, btw. We all need shelves -- and these are the ones you should have. (There are different wood textures available at the shop.)


When you visit Homestore, be sure to also look at the floor -- there are lots of yummy area rugs scattered around -- and just 25L each!

Ingrid Ingersoll's Homestore - enjoy!