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Tesh Gardens

We covered Tapioca Tastes yesterday, by designer Tequlia Tapioca; today, I want to introduce you to Tesh Gardens by Hamish Stuart, Tequlia's partner. I have a major soft spot for landscaping items, especially when they go beyond your standard greenery and flowers. Tesh Gardens is filled with beautiful plants, PLUS so many precious little extras to really provide what's needed for a full-fledged garden. Even better, it's all housed in one of the most gorgeous true-to-RL builds around. When you go, be sure to wander all around -- especially over to the other side of the hills. You'll see. :)

As you explore both locations for Tapioca and Tesh, you'll see that this is clearly a collaboration between Tequlia and Hamish, and there's a little bit of each in both locations. You'll find quite a few Tesh Gardens items mixed in with the Tapioca Tastes garden furniture (at the SLurl in Part 4), and then a few Tapioca pieces mixed in at the official Tesh Garden location. Speaking of which -- prepare to have your breath taken away.

dutch-manorinteriorconservatoryThe Dutch Manor house (top) is just beautiful - the detail, the scale, the textures -- all just perfect. The middle picture is taken just inside the Manor House, and I love how Hamish has it set up like a RL garden center -- a few shelves, the counter and cash register, gardening tools laying around. Precious. The bottom picture is the conservatory where you'll find all the plants available - be sure to walk through each room! Speaking of beautiful plants -- Tesh Gardens has 'em. I only took one picture of the plants,'s the buildings and the other stuff that I really want to show you. :)


Other Stuff

When you go to visit, be sure you really look closely at everything laying around. Hamish has everything arranged so naturally, like it's a working nursery, that you tend to forget that these are actually product displays. You can find what you need to build a vineyard...a vegetable garden...a greenhouse...there are tons of planters and pots for your flowers...look at everything. My favorites:

Greenhouse: I love greenhouses. I have absolutely no RL skill with potting, planting, landscaping, etc...but I sure do love the acoutrements available for such activities. :) This greenhouse has great texture and detail - I love the worn and weathered look to it. Be sure to check out what's inside. ;)


Organic Vegetable Garden Gift Set: Words can't describe how much I love this set. Again, it's the little things like this that make a place really look and feel like a garden! Flowers and plants are great -- I need the details! The set comes with everything you see here in the foreground -- every awesome piece of it.


Copper Water Hose with Bucket: I think the name says it all. :) This is genius -- you can't have a garden without a spigot, right? Ta da!


There you go -- get those gardens started! Head over to Tesh Gardens and grab your supplies. Look around thoroughly; you can find a single-domed conservatory available as a prefab, as well as a beautiful conservatory/orangerie available on the other side of the hills. Enjoy!