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Pillow Talk

Odds are, you've heard of Pillow Talk by Sandy Clymer. It's a well-established shop, you'll find Sandy's products used all over the grid, and it's a sweet shopping experience for couples. Still, there may be 2 or 3 of you who aren't familiar with Pillow we'll remedy that right now. :)


Most of what you'll find at Pillow Talk is, well, pillows. Not just your average pillows, though - no, no. Sandy has a great selection of couples pillows, personal pillows, and single pose pillows. The cool thing about having the pillows with poses is that you can throw them down on anything -- your current furniture, the floor, the porch, the beach - anywhere you want them! You need to grab a pal or significant other and go try them all out. Here's just an idea of what you'll find...


As it turns out, I had no pal to go with me when I was taking I hit up the single pose pillows. There are pillows for relaxing and eating popcorn :) and there's also this adorable "hold kitty" pillow -- complete with kitty.



Sandy has some really fun swings...and you guys know how I love a swing! The swing I have at my house is from Pillow Talk, and there is no place I'd rather lounge than on that swing. She's got singles and couples swings, and the tire swing can be either!


Apple Tree

I hadn't noticed the apple tree on previous visits. This is really cute and fun, great for hanging out and a silly photo opportunity, too. :) Again, I had no pals with me, so here's a pic of the tree so you can see the detail (nice hand-drawn look), and the inset shows the poses included.



You don't really expect prefabs at a place called Pillow Talk, but there are a few. :) I first saw the White Siding House used in a residence on Nantucket, and absolutely fell head over heels with the house. When I had 2 residential plots (because sometimes I like to throw money away), this was the house on my 2nd parcel. It was dreamy and beautiful. The lighthouse is very precious, too -- and I think I also saw it on Nantucket. It's very "cape"!


Shining Star

I almost didn't see this since it's hanging way up in the sky --the Shining Star swing! *AND* it's only $1L!!! Be sure to grab one for yourself!


Pillow Talk - grab a buddy or two and go play!

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