Today, I'm going to share a review folder I received last week from My Own Worst Enemy (MOWE). Roshelle Gustafson and Sleven Hathaway are the designers behind the brand, and I like what I've seen of it so far. I did go check out the shop -- it's in an 'under construction' status right now, but looks like it will shape up nicely. There aren't many accessories - the shop is really focused on the fundamentals: couches, chairs, beds. Again, that may be due to their transition period - and their fundamentals are worth browsing. Let me show you what Roshelle dropped for me to play with! Twilight Gazebo: This is a cute idea, great for an outdoor space and perfect for lounging. It's fairly large -- could easily fit 4-6 of your pals for a nice, relaxing beach get-together.


Trinity Sofa & Barbados Bed: Ok, these aren't pieces meant to be together, I was just feeling lazy about the number of pictures I wanted to take. I really like the throw pillows on the Trinity Sofa -- it's a nice neutral piece to fit almost anywhere, and the pillows give it a nice bit of personality. On the Barbados Bed, I really like the detail of having drawers underneath. I can't explain why, but I've always loved pieces with functional spaces underneath -- drawers or pull-out baskets or anything like that. I want to tuck some extra blankets away in the Barbados Bed. Form and function - yes, please!


Orange Mod Set: That's a very cheery orange. The color scheme reminds me of my Marie set (*cough*personal endorsement*cough*), and I really like the shape of the back cushions. This is just a nice, comfy set, great as your focal point around which to build the rest of your room.


Sierra Living Set: More orange, a bit more on the neutral side this time, and really warm and inviting when combined with the wood frames on these pieces. I really like the touch of the insets on the sides of the upholstered pieces, and how that continues in the table surfaces. I could see this set indoors or out, and I love that versatility.


One detail I really want to point out with this set -- the lamp has a ring of light underneath it, just like a RL bulb would show. That's a detail very often overlooked in SL design -- I love that MOWE captured it!


Mission Sofas: These are my favorite!!! Again, I love the fabric insets on the ends of the wood frames, and I'm always goofy for a mission style piece anyway. Great texturing on the fabrics, especially on the charcoal and teal sofas - looks like chenille!


Like the Mission Sofas, many of the other sofas come in multiple colors. You can see them all in the vendors at the shop. One thing I'd like to see for MOWE is more animation options. It seems to be a standard one pose per cushion in their pieces right now - you can always add your own poses, of course. I think MOWE is fairly new on the scene, and I know animations were not my top priority when I first started building, so I'm sure more will come as Roshelle and Sleven expand their inventory. Either way, MOWE is a place to check out and to keep your eyes on - I can't wait to see more!

**NOTE: there is a special event going down on the TabethaJane sim this weekend -- on the 14th and 15th, there will be a sim-wide scavenger hunt sponsored by MOWE and the other shops located there! **