Hello, dear readers. I received a review request for INside weeks and weeks ago, and I'm just now getting to it. I am a bad blogger! Now, on to the review...

Kymbah Spicer is the designer behind INside, and her style leans toward contemporary modern. Mostly straight clean lines, very few curves - really quite minimalistic overall. Most (possibly all) of her items are available with color change menus, and all furniture is animated -- plenty of adult poses are available in the appropriate pieces...you know, for sexy time. ;) A few things that caught my eye:

Lexington Living Room: the couch really doesn't do it for me. It looks like perhaps an older piece - note the poseballs, and almost all of the rest of Kymbah's inventory is menu-driven for poses. However, the colors in the rug and painting really appeal to me -- the table has a nice twist with the multi-level surface and the magazine rack on the end. I also really like the large vases with bamboo - that's one of my favorite things in RL. Each vase is 20 prims, which is hefty - so someone out there needs to create a sculpty bamboo cluster, please! Overall, the room has a nice 70s retro feel, without being TOO 70s.


Petals Sofa/Chair: as I mentioned above, you don't get a lot of curves at INside, but there are some, like this sofa and chair. It's a nice art deco feel that's also echoed in the Empire coffee table.  An elaborate crystal chandelier would be great over that table to really enhance the glam art deco feel. Ooh, and a zebra skin rug. Ooh, or leopard print!


Lover Milk Bath: I like that this is a milk bath (great for the skin), and I really like the added touch of rose petals floating in the milk. That's just cute. :) The tub comes with single poses AND with those aforementioned adult poses for those times you're not in there alone. ;)


Kama Sutra sketches: Ok, these just make me giggle. Haha, boobies. :)


Kymbah also has a website you can check out for more pics of her items - http://www.insidefurnituresl.com - it's a very nice site, so definitely take a look. If you're looking for basic modern pieces, especially anchor pieces around which to build a room, I would say INside is worth a look-see.

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