I think it's safe to say that I am a furniture geek. And a texture geek. And when great furniture meets great texture -- well, there may be squealing involved on my end of the PC. I don't even remember at this point how I found NOTsoBAD (henceforth known as NsB) - but I'm damn glad I did.


According to the latest NsB group notice, the design team behind the brand is Reda Bertolucci, Emilie Freund, and farahattah Shabazz. I love them all. NsB really doesn't have a huge inventory, especially not compared to a lot of my favorite places -- but what they do have really packs a punch! Without further ado...

Dinara Bed - most of what you'll find at NsB comes in many color options, and it's all amazingly lush. "Lush" is absolutely the first adjective that came to mind when I first saw the shop. I'm not sure I have any other words -- so just behold the gorgeousness:


Chabba - So exotic - and did I mention lush?


You can see the board with the color options over to the left of each piece -- in the shop, you can rez each color, too, to see it up close. You'll also notice that both of these pieces are sexbeds -- so, those of you who need the high style AND the options for gettin' freaky (and you know who you are), then NsB delivers. Take a peek at the primary animation menu -- we won't even get into the sub-menus. ;)


Leon Antique Office - I just love this, absolutely love it. The desk is gorgeous, all on its own -- but the details make this awesome beyond description.

deskdesk-detail-allIt makes me smile everytime I look at the pics -- not that I condone any of those vices, but still -- it's just so cool! There's also a Scarface edition of the desk, complete with briefcase full of cash. :)

You know I love a great build, and NsB is gorgeous, very classical, with lots of light and shadows. They have amazing drapes (which are available for purchase) on all the windows, and I love their little shop desk, complete with sewing machine and bolts of fabric. I swoon for details like that.

drapes1 shop-desk

Be sure to check out the DJ turntable and record collection, too. :)

I joined the NsB group when I was there, and yesterday I received a notice of several new releases. I haven't been to the shop to see them in person yet, but I like the looks of them from the preview pics in the notice! Here are two of the new releases:

new-release-1 new-release-21

When you go to visit NOTsoBAD, be sure to grab the freebie just outside the entrance. Post-it notes (pack of 10). How adorable!!


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