I realize this is like cheat-blogging, and I'm ok with that.  I wanted to get something posted, and I have a list of to-do blog spots that I will get to...but in the meantime, let me show you some things that I have and love! (SLurls are included at the end of the post)

In H&S Village, I've set up what I call our fairy garden. The sim itself isn't especially fantasy-themed, but I loved the fairy gazebo and hideaway from Winx Home & Garden so much that I decided we needed them here! And ta da:



The gorgeous pink gloo trees and the rainbow rays you see coming from above are both from New Trail - if you still haven't been to the New Trail sim, then go! Now! NOW!

If you look closely, you'll see little white pollen dander thingies floating around the fairy garden:


I just picked those up from Heart Garden a few weeks ago, and I love them! It's a particle generator, of course, and you get 12 in a pack, including 4 different pollen shops. The pollen floats all over the sim, just like springtime!

The grasses and flowers you see mixed in are from Organica, and I've used them all over the sim. They're perfect, and only 1 prim per grouping!

Most recently, I've fallen in love with Kunstkammer's new dreamscaping grass, seen here in green and mixed in with daisies from Organica. You can get the dreamscaping grass in grey and jellybean, too.


More cool stuff coming soon!


H&S Village (to see it all in action)

Kunstkammer (main location - there's a satellite shop in H&S Village, too)

Winx Home & Garden (Be sure to explore the rest of Oubliette, as well - it's gorgeous!)

New Trail


Heart Garden Centre