Good morning! Just a quick item from Belle Belle Furniture -- cool stuff for you! Belle Belle has added a Midnight Mania board, and they'll be updating the prize weekly. Right now, the prize is the Luna coffee table and floating candle set:


The candle set is really cute - it's scripted so there's just the tiniest bit of movement to the water and the candles just lazily float around. Great accessory! The rest of the Luna set will be added over the coming weeks, piece by piece, to the Midnight Mania board. Next week is the Luna living room chair & poof!

Belle Belle also has two lucky chairs out, and both are offering this really sweet rocking chair set - "A Quiet Moment". The chair is cute, great detail on the wood and cute cushions, and there is a couples pose included. Now, please keep in mind that I had no one available late last night to take this pic with I shared a quiet moment with my alt. It was nice. ;)


The set is exclusively available from the Lucky Chair; it can't be purchased. So get over there and stalk those letters!

Visit Belle Belle for these items and more great furniture and accessories!

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