Hello! Just a few quick items. First -- the Home, Garden, & Patio Expo 2009 starts Monday!!! I'll post again with more info and a SLurl once the expo is open to the public. I'm really excited, on two levels: 1) as a home decor/design blogger, this is a dream come true...and 2) I will have a Second Spaces display set up, and I've been hard at work making newness! There are 55 designers participating in the Expo - several are very familiar to me and have been featured here, and there are a lot of names that are new to me, so I can't wait to see what sort of cool stuff there is to discover! More info coming soon!

Now let me share some more Belle Belle goodies with you. :) Leyla Firefly just keeps releasing more great stuff and sending it to me - and by damn, I will post it! :) Belle Belle is participating in the SL Discovery Hunt that has just kicked off today, and her hunt prize may be worth the entire hunt, all on its own. Check this out:


You get everything seen here! (Minus the large brick buildings and the cute redhead.) ...(Ok, the redhead is negotiable.) The patio WITH flowers, the table, the umbrella, the fence, and most importantly, the barbecue AND the tongs I'm using to turn my meat! ;) Now THAT is a prize package. The barbecue is animated and also gives out hamburgers, and the table's 6 seats are animated for eating, drinking, and chatting, and the placemats provide utensils. I love this with all my <3.

You can get more info on the Discovery Hunt at www.sldiscovery.com - the Belle Belle set was created just for the hunt and is not available for purchase...so go to the website, get the info and starting points, and get to hunting!

Talk to you soon!