Okay, I made it through 1 more sim...there's so much to see! Just a few quick things I want to share with you -- and, of course, be sure to get out to the Expo yourself! Four sims of houses, furniture, decor, landscaping...it's really an all-encompassing collection. Modern, vintage, gothic, fantasy..I'm pretty sure, whatever your tastes, there's something for you at the Expo.

Remember, there are raffles and auctions - items are located at the main stage area, right in the center where all 4 sims meet. There are also live DJs and live performers throughout the day - it's a fun party, and all to benefit Relay For Life!

And now -- here's what I've got :)

Woodshed Furniture by RH Engel and Rebel Hope -- Woodshed is not new to me, but it has been quite a while since I've checked out their stuff. They've got a very nice exhibit set up - all dark and gothic and romantic. I like the Darkness Falls bed, especially the sloped canopy, and I really like the texture/detail on the Darkness Falls candelabra. The bed is only 23 prims, btw -- pretty good for such an ornate piece! RH and Rebel also have some nice desk accessories -- you know me, it's all about the little things!


Prim Pincher by Nimue Jewell - I tend to  be fairly prim-conscious, but not enough for my furniture to be considered "low-prim". Generally, and unfortunately, I've found low-prim furniture to be fairly "flat" -- not much in the way of shading, shadow, depth, etc. The Rustic Luxury furniture set and Silk Ottoman by Prim Pincher break that mold - I like the textures here, and the ottomans have a nice "poof" look to them.


C&D Designs by Cherelle Capra - I really like this French Garden Chaise. It's very simple, and it has a subtle vintage glam look to it. It comes with some really cute poses, and I can totally see this inside or outside. Great by the pool, or in a posh dressing room with a chandelier and lush flokati rug. :) I really like the little tree, too -- very cute.


One more sim to explore, and I'll get the rest of my finds posted soon!

Authorelle kirshner