Happy weekend, dear readers. :) It's gorgeous here in VA - time to get started on my summer semi-tan! In the meantime, a few fun things to share with you...

Antonia Marat of Artilleri & Artilleri Home has just released this gorgeous vintage-style kettle BBQ! She was kind enough to give away free copies to the first 10 people to provide their names to her on Plurk..and because I am a plurk fiend, I was like number 3. Yay me! Swing by Artilleri Home to pick up yours -- it's color changeable to 9 great options, and gives you yummy food! I enjoyed a kebab or two during the photo shoot.

grill allAwesome details and texturing (of course!), and a must-have for every patio, deck, and back porch this summer!


Leyla Firefly is a busy girl over at Belle  Belle, like always. :) First, a new item for the Lucky Boards -- Tantric Lovin'! A beautiful, fantastical mini-getaway for you and your special someone. Climb inside for meditation, cuddling, kissing, and relaxing. I jumped in for some solo meditation, and got my 'om' on.


Leyla has also updated her Arne Kitchen. Arne is already one of my favorite kitchens in SL - it's one of the sets I included the very first time I blogged Belle Belle, and I think it's just one of the best in all of SL. Leyla made some minor changes to the aesthetic, and it looks better than ever...and she also added some fun. ;) So, now we call it the Arne Passion Inside Kitchen, and I think you see where I'm going with this. Not only do you get incredible style with this kitchen -- you also get 9 sexy ways to keep things cookin'. (See what I did there?) When Leyla sent this to me, she included a very sweet note (I totally <3 her, btw) and gently suggested that I try the 'Fork" animation. O. M. G. This is one of the most awesome unexpected touches ever -- and the very specific reason I am blogging this -- as you and your pal are pressed up against the refrigerator to...well, to fork...the ice dispenser just starts shooting out ice cubes all over the floor. I still giggle every time.

arne all

I spammed my friends list until someone would agree to come "fork" with me for this picture -- thanks to my pal Dagon Harrison for making it happen. :)

Head over to Belle Belle to see for yourself, and be sure to stalk those Lucky Boards while you're there!