I'll be honest - when designer Xadie Katscher sent me a review folder for Forbidden Thorn, the shop name led me to expect dark, gothy furniture - lots of black and red mixed in with, well, thorny roses. Not so! Forbidden Thorn is a very welcoming, warm, open-concept shop, and Xadie's designs are what I would call "soft modern" with fun and creative twists. It's a relatively small stock at this point (a little birdy told me bedrooms will be coming in July ;) ) but definitely worth a look!

Lynn set: a nice, minimalist seating set - I love how Xadie incorporated the circles and the curved arm - it's a great job of breaking up the squareness of the pieces. My absolute favorite detail, though, is the windchimes in the corner of the sofa. :) How awesome is that!? A great, unexpected touch!

lynn set

Fae set: I truly don't think I have ever seen a set like this in all of SL...and I think it's awesome. It reminds me -- in a good way -- of a hamster village, where you can add the tubes and whatnot to create a whole little playground. This looks like you could keep adding pieces to create a mega seating area and no one would ever have to sit on the floor! Utopia! Anyway...this is really fun, and I can just imagine all the photo ops created with this piece and your closest 8 friends.

fae set

Emmala set: I adore the curves on the arms of the chairs and sofa - the curves plus the plush look of the fabric are a great juxtaposition (5 points) to the hard angles and metal of the table and lamp. What's even more awesome is that the fabric detail has skulls. :) I LOVE skull fabrics -- and THAT is something I'd have expected from a shop called Forbidden Thorn. ;) You can just barely see a tiny little pink skull in the inset pic, a closeup on one of the lamp globes. Love it!

emmala set both

Avery set: This set reminds me of Auntie Mame - the furniture she has toward the end of the movie, when she's trying to scare off her nephew's girlfriend...if you've never seen Auntie Mame (the one with Rosalind Russell) then you must!! Anyway...that furniture was very modern, and actually operated by strings, rather than hanging from strings...but it was awesome just like this set...so there's my connection. :)

avery set

Avery Lamp, Cold Lamp: I had to pick these bad boys up for myself. I love the Cold Lamp's industrial style, and the Avery lamp is just fun - great for indoors, and I could also see it outside on a nice patio complete with cushions and a firepit. Both great pieces!

lamps both

When you visit Forbidden Thorn, you'll see that all the sets include multiple fabric options (3 styles for each set, I believe), and you can also choose to purchase either Transfer copies OR Copy copies, which I think is very shopper-friendly. For my lamps, above, I bought the copy versions -- so don't be surprised when the Cold Lamp starts popping up all over my club and sim. ;) Also, be sure to get over to the shop soon -- for the month of June, Xadie has her store gift cards on sale for 50%!! Her prices are very reasonable already -- tack on 50% discount and you're talking about bargains!!

Forbidden Thorn