Rayvn Hynes of :[MudHoney]: Designs has just released the Luna Gazebo, and was kind enough to send me a copy to check out. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm giving serious thought to what items at home I can pick up so that I have prims available to set this up forever and ever!


I love that this is really a very simple concept that Rayvn has made awesome with details. The gazebo comes with the furniture and accessories seen here, at 400 prims total - that may be a little prim-heavy for some, but is totally worth it if you can spare it. Lots of great seating for you and your pals, and fun little extras that give it a ton of character. I love the idea of lounging in this gazebo at sunset, drink in hand...hence, the theme of my photos. :)

I am a sucker for swings - as mentioned frequently in this blog - and especially swinging sofas/chaises, etc. Lots of great anims included in this, too!

hanging couch

There are two side chairs included, as well as another couch, seen here next to the super-adorable plant rack. Gorgeous!

plants couch

I've always loved using trunks or vintage luggage as tables -- Rayvn's trunk coffee table is beautifully textured, and I love that she kept it 3D with the buckles and straps!


Just 2 of the great details are the candle lantern - very well done! - and the precious little portable radio! I love it! There are plenty more fun details to be seen - this is just how I tease you so you'll go check it out yourself. That's my M.O.


The gazebo is also available in a Cuddle version that includes just the furniture set seen below. Still very cute and gorgeously textured, and only 220 prims for this version!

cuddle set

You can check out the Luna Gazebo here -- be sure to take a stroll over to the :[MudHoney]: Designs showroom, too. Lots of great stuff to see!

Luna Gazebo (full furniture set): 400 prims - $L1850

Luna Cuddle Gazebo: 220 prims - $L1720