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Welcome to part 2 of the Second Spaces Then & Now series! Those of us who have been in SL for a while know how far design has come over the years. It’s a lot of fun to look back and see what SL looked like in 2005, 2006…and to appreciate the improvements and advancements since then. This series is a fun look at some of SL’s best designers to see how they’ve grown over the years. I also hope this might inspire those who are interested in starting their own designs – everyone has to start somewhere!

The Loft

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I love The Loft. Like, seriously love it. Colleen Desmoulins is the designer and has been my biggest inspiration to 1) get started in SL design and 2) keep at it. When I originally found The Loft store -  back when it was a medium-sized shop on some sim or another - that's when I realized what SL can offer in the way of interior design. Colleen's work gets better and better with each new set, and I have really enjoyed watching the progression.

Of course, as mentioned in Part 1 of this series -- everyone has to start somewhere. :) Colleen sent me a few items from her earliest collections, circa early 2006  -- without further adieu, let's check 'em out. ;)

Then: Sage Sofa Chair, Dru Loveseat, Dru Coffee Table

install 2_004

That's right - soak up the non-sculpted, visible-poseball goodness! :) But wait, there's more!

Then: City Loft Chair & Coffee Table

install 2_006

THAT is modern living at its finest. :)

Then: Parson Chair and Oriental Bench:

install 2_007

Colleen's textures are what I have always loved the most about her creations, especially the fabrics. What I see in these older items is a great eye for fabric - we just don't have the depth and "feel" that you find at The Loft today...which brings us to Now. THEN, we had the Parson chair....NOW, we have the Miabella Chair, and Oh. My. Goodness.

install 2_010

The detail on this chair is amazing. AMAZING. I can feel the velvet, and the light/shadow texturing for the bow is just perfect.

install 2_011

That's the Tulip Pot Peach next to the chair. Colleen does great flowers -- I just got a sneak peek at a new set she's been working on, and it includes some of the most gorgeous sculpted flowers ever. Look forward to that. :)

Then: Avery Daybed

install 2_005

and Now: Avery Daybed

install 2_009

I love having such a direct comparison, and it's pieces like Avery that I first fell in love with when I found The Loft! You can see more of my faves from Colleen here, here, and here, and of course, at The Loft in-world.

I didn't get any words of wisdom from Colleen specifically for this blog series...but what I learned from her early on is that she firmly believes in sharing knowledge. She's told me about the help she got from mentors early in her SL endeavors and how valuable that help has been, and she makes it a point to share with others when she can. She's helped me immensely with a lot of technical aspects of building, as well as just being a great sounding board for feedback, and I've tried to follow her example in sharing knowledge with others...on those rare occasions where I may know more than someone else. :)

I also promised in Part 1 that I would share some of Barnesworth's early furniture...and I am here to deliver on that promise. :) I proudly present to you Couch & Chair 1 (walnut):

install 2_001

In case you weren't sure, this is a set from sometime around 2004-2005. ;) And here's an example of what you will find now at [ba]:

install 2_002

Barnes also sent his Japanese Garden, the first SL project he says he worked on, as a gift for his partner, Ingrid Ingersoll. :)

install 2_003

That's really very cute. Below are a few examples of more recent garden items from Barnes:

freebies 2

This concludes Part 2 -- look for Part 3 in the next few days! I still have lots of fun stuff to share with you!

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